Shaggy Dog Stories... Terrier Tails

Young Airedale Terrier

Links to dog stories. Some are about my own "Dales." 

This is an article about Airedale Terriers originally published in Nature magazine. Read what a famous dog author has to say about Airedale Terriers.

One day last winter, two airedale terriers were scampering across an end of Broadmoor Lake, Colorado. One was a heavy-set and elderly dog. The other was a slender eleven-month puppy. The older dog was in advance, the pup following politely at his senior's heels... More

I have had four Airedale Terriers... the period of twenty some years. I was in my twenties when I got my first "Dale". I had been building up equity to buy a house so I could have a dog. I was self employed and didn't want to raise a dog, expecially a larger dog such as an Airedale in an apartment. So I bought a mobile home and began to save for a down payment. Read story

A story about a Malamute Husky... or where we got the term "Baby-sitting"...

On a blanket spread in the grass at the base of a large elm tree ...sits a medium sized Malamute husky. In the center of the blanket there is a small infant just able to crawl. Read story