Here's a List of Each Dauntless Terrier Breed Along With Nicknames...

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight... it's the size of the fight in the dog." Anonymous

No words are more true of each Dauntless terrier breed. Not afraid to go down the darkest hole seeking rats or otters, even on the plains of Africa hunting lions, the terrier will not give up. Many equate the An Airedale Terrier and Friend
A young Airedale Terrier and Friend
bulldog with such tenacity. Is it any wonder that many of the terriers were bred with bulldogs to develop a truly unique breed?

First a word about the Terriers coat which is adapted to their "lifestyle" which may be described as "Rough and Ready" . Most of the Terrier coats can be described as Wiry . The longer coats are made up of Guard hairs and a soft undercoat . The guard hairs protect the Terrier from the elements such as rain and brush. The soft undercoat keeps the dog dry and warm in the winter. Terriers are usually stripped several times a year to keep up their distinctive appearance. If they are not being shown it is acceptable to clip them.

Not all Terriers need this, however. Some, like the Cairn Terrier need only a 10 minute brushing once or twice a week to keep their coat healthy. Several of the Terrier breeds have a smooth coat such as the Wire Fox Terrier and the Rat Terrier. And then there is the American Hairless Terrier which has no hair at all.

For a history of the Terrier breed in general, look here.

The Terrier Breed List
Terrier Breed Nickname Origin/ Appearance Size
Airedale Terrier King of Terriers, "Clown Prince", ADT Yorkshire England/ Black & Tan Large
American Hairless Terrier USA/ Hairless Breed, some say hypo-alergenic Medium
American Pit Bull USA Large
American Staffordshire Terrier Staffie, Staffy USA/ Barrel chested, fire plug Large
Australian Terrier Ozzy, Aussie Australia/ "hard bitten" and "rugged" Medium
Australian Silky Terrier Sydney Silky, Silky Toy Terrier Australia/ Size: Shoulder height: 25 - 26 cm (9.75 - 10.25 inches). Long back. Coat: Two layer, black or gray, to brown and blond with dark markings on the ears, muzzle, and tail. Character: While being a good watch dog, as with all Terriers she is loyal, affectionate but a little stand-offish with strangers. Toy
Bedlington Terrier
Black Russian Terrier
Border Terrier Medium
Boston Terrier Bostie Not included in most registries as a Terrier Small/ Medium
Bull Terrier Medium
Miniature Bull Terrier Small
Cairn Terrier Scotland/ Smooth wiry coat, game. May be oldest of modern Terriers. Small
Cesky Terrier Czesky or Bohemian Terrier Czech Republic/ Wavy, silky coat in shades of gray-blue with tan, gray, white, or yellow furnishings or light coffee. Not recognised by the AKC Small
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Scotland/ One of the oldest breeds. Short legs, long body. Double coat. Small
English Bull Terrier Medium
Fox Terrier England/ Rough coated. Mostly white. A working Terrier. Medium
Smooth Fox Terrier England/ Short white coat model. A working Terrier. Medium
Irish Terrier Daredevil, D'Artagnan County Cork Ireland/ Overall reddish coat, wiry. Medium
Jack Russell JRT England/ Not recognised by the AKC, CKC or KC. One of the remaining working Terriers. Rough coat to protect from elements. Medium
Parson Russell Terrier PRT England/ Similar to JRT. Breeding line more for the show ring. Smooth coated. Medium
Kerry Blue Kerrie County Kerry Ireland/ Gray-blue double coat. Large
Lakeland Terrier Small
Manchester Terrier England [Manchester] Toy
Norfolk Terrier Medium
Norwich Terrier Medium
Patterdale Terrier NW England- Lake district of Cumbria. Medium
Rat Terrier Rattie Medium
Scottish Terrier Small
Skye Terrier Small
Soft Coated Wheaten wheatie County Cork and County Wicklow, Ireland/ Wheat colored, single long soft coat. Gentle but vigorous. Medium
Staffordshire Terrier
Welsh Terrier Medium
West Highland White Poltalloch Terrier, Westie Scotland/ Small
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Straight coated Small
Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Straight coated Toy